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Super-cushioned footbed, Durable, wrap-around TPR out sole, Cinch up the laces, Soft terrycloth, Terry Cloth Moccasin all-weather slipper.
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I felt very good after putting them on! I am very happy with this product. Old Friend has always maintained its standards of good quality shoe. Terry Cloth Moccasin is another master piece by Old Friend. I have been wearing this from the last five years and I have never felt like wearing something else. It is a nice looking and a good quality Moc. This is my third pair of Moc from this brand and I think it is the best company in making slippers and Moccasins. It is better than many other expensive moccasins as it provides ultimate comfort like them and looks very elegant too so why to but expensive shoe if you can get the same quality and comfort in a reasonable price. It fits perfectly. It can be given as a gift and believe me your friend is going to love it the way you do.
It runs true to size. You can cinch up the laces to get a really snug fit. It has durable suede upper which is durable and look nice too. The upper is wrapped-around with TPR sole. It provides quick and easy slip on comfort. It is an imported shoe.
If you want to take a comfortable ride then it is must for your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is waiting for it and your feet are crying for Terry. You have to give it a try to see its magic. You can wear it casually any where, any time. It will keep your feet warm and soft for the whole day. Best MOC ever!!


Sperry is continually consistent in their quality over the years. This shoe is well made and comfy and just like what it looked like on my computer monitor. I've had a pair for about 15 years so I know this pair should give me many years of good service.

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