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Purchased these as gift for my daughter. She absolutely loves them, and wears them several times a week. She says they fit well & are very comfortable. Nothing like having a happy daughter! Been wearing Top-Siders for years, will always wear them. Comfortable, go anywhere, classic. I have AAA narrow feet and these things fit great. This shoe is awesome, except it started to give me blisters on the back of my heels the second time I wore them. After wearing them for a few more times...they are great and adorable with every outfit! I like this shoe so much! Water beads right up and rolls off the leather. They are obviously not great for snow and ice, as they were built for boating, but they are fantastic and I can wear them with nearly everything. This shoe is wonderful. I've worn out 3 pairs and will not change styles. I was also impressed with the promptness of the shipment and this company. I have been wearing Sperry Topsiders for many years.I appreciate the quality, dependabilty, and the classic look. I was truly impressed by how quickly my new shoes reached me in Singapore

I read and re-read all of the shoebuy reviews on this Sperry and it really is perfect, I'm a size 8 and it does take some time to break in but not long at all. It conforms to your foot to an extent and the leather eventually needs cleaning and to restore the great color, a leather moisturizer. But as for size, I'd go with a whole size if your foot is regular width.

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