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Skid-resistant TPR bottom, Hook and loop closure, Soft EVA midsole, It relaxes your feet by stimulating the internal organs, Beachcomber sandals are completely made from man made materials.
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This sandal is an excellent way to get a foot massage. I used to buy cheap pairs of sandals just because I liked them for massaging my feet as I walked around the house but as they were cheap they were not good looking and on the other side they broke very early too. The Old Friend Beachcomber is a perfectly made sandal and does an excellent job of massaging on my feet as I walk and at the same time it looks very cute and it is also extremely durable. I would highly recommend this shoe to all the people who like to spend a comfortable life with comfy shoes. It is more comfortable then you have ever expected. If you never liked massage slippers then you should try this on and you will feel that it is very different from other and you’ll fall in love with these. It will definitely become your favorite sandals.
The specialty of this shoe is that it is made with all kinds of materials and that is why it is very durable. Massage nodules softly caress all the reflex points of your foot which gives a very comfy and relaxed feeling. It massages all the foot targets and the rest of the body by stimulating the internal organs while improving circulation makes your feet feel soft and relaxed. It is a perfect shoe to wear when you want to feel very relaxed and wants to rest. It is the favorite sandal of all the ladies and men.


The Sperry Top-Sider is one of the most comfortable shoes that I own. The day I put it on, it felt like a broken in favorite pair of shoes! It makes a great summer shoe to slip on and off as needed.It can get wet and look just as new as the day you bought it so I like to put it on first thing to walk the dog etc. It also looks great with a casual pair of shorts. It wear like iron. Thank you for this great shoe. I wear a narrow and find it very hard to find shoes that fit. This shoe was perfect from the moment I put it on. I love the "Ice" color. I have always loved Top Siders and this is such a nice change from the brown I usually wear.

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