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Lightly padded footbed is offered in these slip on shoes for increased comfort. To provide warmth it has Genuine sheepskin lining. Alpine shoes comes with Tri-panel suede upper.
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Very well made slipper!! This is a versatile, good looking, comfy and durable slipper. It fulfills all the requirements of a good shoe. This slipper looks nice on every oneís feet whether men or women. Alpine is extremely soft. The moment you see it, you feel like wearing it at once as it is very attractive. You can use it as a shoe and get the comfort of a slipper. This shoe is wonderful especially its soft lining makes you feel very cozy. Old friend is certainly your oldest friend and has provided you with something extraordinary. So throw your ordinary slipper which you have to hide when any one comes at your home. Alpine doesnít need to be taken off so you can walk confidently all the time.

It has many nice features which makes it a different slipper. I would like to discuss a few of these. Its tri-panel suede upper is the reason of its durability. To make it warm and comfy the genuine sheepskin lining has been used. Its lightly padded foot bed makes it warm, soft and provides ultimate comfort. Itís textured sole looks very modern and adds a stylish touch to this slipper. This slipper is irresistible after wearing it for once. You will fall in love with it due to the fact that you can where it not only at home but any where out side too. It is just a lovely slipper with all the facilities which a slipper is expected to provide.



This is the second pair I have purchased. I wear them all year except when the snow is on the ground. The shoes are the highest quality and very comfortable. I haven't owned boat shoes in eons but my new husband just launched a trimaran he built. Naturally I wanted to look every bit the part of "first mate"! While I remember boat shoes as being very stiff and needing to be broken in, these shoes are super soft. They were perfect on the boat and for everyday wear as well. I love this shoe. I walk to work about a mile each way, walk our two dogs a few times a day and this shoe was comfortable from the minute I put it on. It feels as comfortable as a sneaker but looks a little less casual. If it was available in another color in my size I would certainly buy it.

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